Some of my favourite projects are when I am solving complex design problems that will benefit peoples lives, so during this project I worked very closely with the in-house UX designer at Sapient to create a useful & highly functional savings goal product within the Natwest banking app with the end goal of supporting people.

We initially brainstormed many methods in which people like to save money and dissected the best methods which can be applied to a digital form. Working with Natwest's strict guidelines for accessibility and usability, I then began mapping out how these methods can work in the already existing and large design system. I knew from the start that we would need to create new components, but I tried to keep this to a minimum to stay consistent with recognisable design and also to ease the development for engineers during production.
After our research phase we ended up with around 4-5 unique ways of money saving and started to create some medium fidelity mockups on how these could look and work. We then started performing some small moderated testing with existing customers to gather further data to help us refine our ideas.

Working collaboratively throughout and by constantly liaising with the product owner from the bank, we eventually drilled our ideas down to budget, spending and goals which we eventually pushed into pre-production UI and performed some final qualitative unmoderated as well as again moderated testing to validate our hypothesis and work.

Savings goals is now a thriving product of the Natwest banking app.
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