Objective & research methods

Providing the customer with the ability to save money into a fund or a savings pot within an automated process.

​​​​Customer interviews, competitor audit, persona study & prototype testing.

Some of my favourite projects are when I am solving complex design problems that will benefit peoples lives, so during this project I worked very closely with the in-house UX designer at Sapient to create a useful & highly functional savings goal product within the Natwest banking app with the end goal of supporting people.
✓  Now half a million customers using Savings Goal
✓  Increased customer engagement with other Natwest features
 Improving the financial stability of customers
The hypothesis process for savings goals began with a thorough understanding of our target customers and their financial behaviour. We hypothesised that by creating a user-friendly product that allows users to automatically save money from their bank account into a fund or savings pot, we can positively influence their saving habits and help them achieve their financial goals. In a world where finances are getting harder and spending can easily get out of control, we knew this product would set a new standard for online banking.

Research & Ideation
After generating a list of potential saving methods, we carefully analysed each one to identify the best methods that could be adapted into a digital form for our savings goals product. We evaluated factors such as ease of use, effectiveness in encouraging savings behaviour, and how it can work within a digital platform. We also considered the preferences and behaviours of our target users.

After multiple ideas we then selected the most promising approaches. These methods were chosen based on their potential to effectively engage users, encourage consistent savings behaviour, and provide a seamless user experience with the existing banking service. This careful selection process ensured that our app's saving features are relevant, user-friendly, and aligned with our original hypothesis.

Working with Natwest's strict guidelines for accessibility and usability, I then began drafting out our ideas. I knew from the start that we would need to create new components, but I tried to keep this to a minimum to stay consistent with recognisable design and also to ease the eventual development for engineers during production
User Testing
After our research and ideation phase we ended up with around 4-5 unique ways of money saving. We then started performing some small moderated testing with existing customers to gather further data to help us refine our ideas.

Handoff & Conclusion
Working collaboratively throughout and by constantly liaising with the product owner from the bank, we eventually drilled our ideas down to budget, spending and goals which we eventually pushed into pre-production UI and performed some final quantitate unmoderated as well as again small qualitative testing to validate our hypothesis and work.

Savings goals is now a thriving product of the Natwest banking app.
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