The goal

A complete responsive redesign of the

Research methods

Competitor audit, analytics review, heatmap review, A/B testing & prototype testing

As the lead designer, I was given an exciting opportunity to undertake the complete redesign of, from the ground up. This involved creating a fresh and modern look for the website that aligns with the newly established brand guidelines. Additionally, I was tasked with incorporating the new products that had been introduced to the platform, ensuring that the website effectively showcased and promoted these offerings.

Ultimately the goal was to create a visually appealing, user-friendly, and engaging website that would provide a seamless experience to users and effectively communicate the value of the products. The payment platform market is very fierce, so we had to make sure to design something unique and very on brand to set itself apart.
Competitor audit
The payment platform market is renowned for being competitive and is vast with a long-standing history. 
We delved deep into various apps and websites, evaluating their pros and cons. The key competitors in the international payment platform market are PayPal, Wise, and Western Union. But of course PayPal stood out for what it offers and has the largest market share with over 400 million active accounts, processing billions of transactions annually. They have a very successful conversion rate and immense daily activity on the website, so anyone would immediately know they're doing a lot right.

I then decided to take a lot of inspiration from Paypals website structure and noted down key areas that I thought had significance for a great experience as well as the storytelling involved in selling the products.

Ideation & Wireframing
The initial phase of the redesign project focused on exploring low-fidelity wireframes for the homepage. This was a critical area of focus as heat-maps revealed that 95% of users primarily interacted only with the homepage. Leveraging extensive research provided by the internal R&D team, I created four distinct high-fidelity wireframes that incorporated unique design elements on all pages. These wireframes allowed us to mix and match the strongest components to define the overall user experience further.

By carefully combining the most effective elements from the high-fidelity wireframes, we aimed to create a cohesive and engaging design that would effectively showcase Skrill's offerings and entice users to explore the website further.
A/B Testing
After the ideation and design process we decided to perform some A/B testing firstly for the mobile navigation menu, six different variations were created and tested against each other. These variations included different designs such as a traditional drop-down menu, a hamburger menu, multiple clickable blocks in different styles as well as different layout structure. The variations were randomly presented to existing users, and their engagement and performance were measured using click-throughs. 
Similarly, A/B testing was conducted on multiple product pages of the website. Different variations of product page layouts, journey routes, aesthetic styles, images, and other elements were tested against each other. The data collected from the A/B testing process was analysed to identify the most effective product page designs and content that resonated well with the target audience. There are some examples below.
Prototype testing
The data collected from the A/B testing process was analysed and used to inform revisions in the design of the home and product pages, as well as navigation. Based on the insights gained from the A/B testing, several key changes were made to the prototypes to optimise the end result.
Throughout the prototype testing phase, the revised designs were continuously evaluated based on user feedback and performance metrics, and iterative improvements were made accordingly. The data collected from the A/B testing process played a critical role in guiding the revisions and optimising the designs for an improved user experience.
Conclusion & Handoff
In conclusion, the project was a success, resulting in a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively sells the products offered and ultimately why Skrill is the right choice for customers.
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